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July 30, 2008:
The 0.10 alpha release of CANTOP is now ready for download! Currently we only have downloads for Windows, but more are soon to come.


More info:

When completed, CANTOP will have features that thus far have not been attempted in open source CAN analyzers.

Stay tuned for a complete feature list and project layout!



Version: 0.10 ALPHA
(Juiy 30, 2008)

Welcome to CANTOP!

Thank you for your interest in CANTOP. CANTOP is designed to be an easy to use and customize graphical display for CAN-related data gathered from a CANBUS enabled vehicle. Specifically, CANTOP aims to provide a free and open source alternative to the expensive and closed source commercial products available.

By running on a standard x86 processor platform, CANTOP is far more powerful than a microcontroller based solution and much easier to update, upgrade and customize. Because CANTOP is written using cross platform languages and libraries, it is supported by a number of operating systems such as Linux, MacOS and Windows.

The client included demonstrates only one way that CANTOP can be used. Since CANTOP consists of a server and an independant client, any language that has XML and TCP capabilities can be utilized in creating a custom frontend with relative ease.

Questions can be addressed to the project administrator:   andrew[(AT)]

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Donations received will be used to purchase equipment and hardware essential to the development of CANTOP. This hardware includes OBDII cables, CAN to USB converters and computer display equipment. Having access to such hardware is necessary for the ongoing development of CANTOP.

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